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What we offer: 

You’ve double checked the mechanical parts of your car, but have you checked the electrical components?  How comfortable are you with the Milli-Henris of your coil or the Gauss reading of your crank trigger? Not understanding these components values will cause the horsepower gains you made on the dyno go away the first time you hit the track.
Ignition Systems need evaluation as a complete assembly and not individually.  As racers know, most components need some inspection and refinement to work at the highest standards.  Ignition Systems are no different !! 
Ignition systems are evaluated, inspected, and tested above and beyond original equipment manufacturers standards, and in most cases, on track requirements.  Magtech will discover your ignition system shortcomings before the competition does!



Ultimate 305 Magneto:

This Ultimate 305 Magneto is totally self-contained, simple one wire hookup switch, easily change plug wires, best cap and rotor, upgraded gear for wet sump, can be statically timed with a timer box, best true magneto ever built!  Can be used in a 360, or even a 410.


Magtech Fuel Injectors:

Magtech is pleased to announce we offer electronic fuel injector services.  Parts, in house testing, cleaning, and repair!  


Magtech Racing Wires:


Magtech Extreme Racing Wires Item# 0155: Magtech has developed its very own spark plug wires, they work the ignition less while delivering more spark energy!  The wires are black, close fitted, 15 OHM, 8.65 mm and for a SBC.   $125.00

40 OHM Item# 0115: Magtech Performance Ignition Magnet Wire, 8.65 MM 40 OHM, silicone high voltage, close fitted, red in color, and for a SBC.  $100.00 

Solid Core Item# 0106Magtech Performance Ignition Magnet Wire, 8 MM solid core, silicone high voltage, close fitted, and for a SBC.  $95.00

Custom Wire Sets: Magtech also offers custom made wire sets, any length, any termination for just an additional $10.00.



Magtech Upgrades: 

Magtech offers a NEW two timing upgrade for MSD 12LT, pictured with a transfer switch.  We also offer other special Magtech upgrades on multiple products including Ignition Control Boxes as well as additional Magneto upgrades.  



It is important to keep your ignition system performing at an optimal level. Let Magtech freshen your ignition system to keep your engine running smooth.  



From harnesses to threads, we can fix your problem and have you back on the track FAST.  Magtech has the largest inventory of repair parts in the United States. 



Not sure what the issue or malfunction is?  No problem, at Magtech, we have the tools to diagnosis your issues and fix them.  Send us both your complete ignition system along with your complete fuel system and we will find your problem and fix it.   If you don't send it, we can't test it.



Looking for a particular part?  Give us a call!  317-241-4100


Here at Magtech,  we always have a variety parts in our inventory room, and we are always adding new items.  



Our Services: 

Other products we offer: 


Ready to send us your race parts? 

                 Great!    To help us serve you better...........

 Please include your name, phone number, billing and shipping address, email address, etc.

Be sure to pack your items carefully.

Magnetos, coils, points boxes, etc. are fragile and can easily be damaged in transit. 

(Coil towers are easily broken, as are magneto caps.)   When shipping, be sure to wrap well types of

equipment that could punch through the box.  


Also let us know what you'd like us to do with your equipment, such as if you need an estimate or quote, and when you need them returned.


and remember......if you don't send it.....we can't test it !

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